Blue Anchor Hammersmith Tue, Nov 03 2015 20:00

Quizteama Aguilera rocking to the top!

Chris M

Hi everyone, it's the Chrismaster reporting on festivities at the Blue Anchor. We've had a terrific quizzing bonanza, and, quite frankly, an indomitable performance from Quizteama Aguilera. Guys, the gap was GARGANTUAN as they steam-rolled their way through the second half of the quiz, dropping only 4 points! Up until then, it had been a nail-bitingly close encounter - when you drop in next week to play, I hope my fingers will have grown back!

The theme of another all-other European nation team continued this week with Pompidou representing France, after Italy and Sweden from previous weeks. I wonder who will be next?

Anyway, to the victors, the spoils: the Anchor Award goes to Quizteama Aguilera!

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