Boat House, Putney Tue, Nov 21 2017 19:30

Down to the Wire

Jonathon M

This evening's quiz at The Boat House in Putney came down to the wire as two teams finished with the top score of 25 points. It was decided with a tiebreaker in which both teams had to guess which year the Porsche 911 was launched. In the end, both teams guessed only one year apart! But it was 'Sink or Swim' who guessed closer and ended up with the top prize of a £50 bar tab! Luckily for 'Freddie's Bitches', the second place prize was still a very honorable free bottle of wine. Their adorable pup Freddie tried to help by distracting the other teams - and the Quizmaster! - but we can all agree that he probably didn't know any of the answers. Okay, maybe just the question about doggie bags!

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