Boat House, Putney Tue, Mar 20 2018 19:30

Quiz Surprises

Jonathon M

If you’re planning on going out for just one, but then a Quizmaster asks you to join the quiz for quiz night, you should always say yes! This is what the team “We Only Came For a G&T” learned tonight at The Boat House in Putney. Not only did they get more booze than they bargained for (second place bottle of wine) but they also guessed closest to the jackpot question and then breezed through a quick game of Play Your Cards Right, winning the cash jackpot! Not to be outdone, our winners tonight expertly gathered the most points, and just to rub it in, hey also showed us how fast they were by winning all three free drink questions! Let’s see if they can defend their title next week!

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