Boat House, Putney Tue, Jan 30 2018 19:30

They Thought They Wouldn't, But They Did

Jonathon M

It was a game of couples tonight at the Boat House in Putney, as 4 teams of 2 gathered for this evening's quiz. With all teams poised and ready, they set out on their knowledge quest. There were surprises (Pugs really DO come from China!), frustrations (No, Mr Burns's first name is NOT Montgomery!) and regrets (no one remembered poor Mrs Peacock from Cluedo!), and after the first half, "Team Nuts" led by one point in front of "We Don't". After nailing that tricky Cryptic Tube Station question, however, "We Don't" actually did, and were able to pull ahead and nab that top prize by one point! A job well done to all quizzers!

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