The Bobbin Wed, Mar 28 2018 20:00

A Full House Makes for a Full Kitty for One Lucky Team

Jo S

Fourteen teams took part in tonight's exciting quiz at The Bobbin in Clapham Old Town, and with a total of 55 individual quizzers, the jackpot prize (75% of the entry fees) was a massive £82.50!

Our teams pooled an impressive amount of general (and not so general) knowledge, in a wide range of subjects ranging from geography and history to music theory and popular culture. The "Old Gits in the Corner" particularly impressed with their expertise in palm tree pith starch and US Presidential debates, and at the end of the first round were bounding ahead with 21 points, matched only by the all-female duo: "Pinky and the Brain".

But as we have seen on many occasions, it can all change in the second half, and change it did! While the "Old Gits in the Corner" went on to finish with a high score of 36, securing them 3rd place, they were overtaken by "Team Turner" who managed an amazing 37 points (winning them 25% of the entry fees - this week £27.50), and tonight's winners "Come On Ladies" who scored a phenomenal 39 points!

Please join us again next week for another exciting set of questions in the cosiest pub in Clapham.

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