The Bobbin Wed, Aug 01 2018 20:00

Every Little Helps

Jo S

Anyone who thinks that small things can't make a big difference has obviously never been trapped in a room with a mosquito, broken a finger, or won a quiz by half a point. But tonight's teams quizzing at The Bobbin in Clapham Old Town were reminded of that very lesson when "Round the Clock" beat the "Quizzy Rascals" 37 points to 36.5. We cannot feel too sorry for the latter though, as they did walk away with a bonus point for being the first team to solve the anagram question, 25% of the kitty (this week £14.00), and a free drink which they won with their impressive knowledge of a certain George Lucas franchise.

A shout out to all our quiz teams this week who demonstrated an impressive range of general (and not so general) knowledge and a particular mention must be made of the team who had the best team name we have seen in a while: "Quiztine and the Kweens". Genius!

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