The Bobbin Wed, Feb 14 2018 20:00

Luck at Least is in the Air for "The Undateables" This Valentine's Day

Jo S

It seems in this day and age, reckless displays of violence in the manner of dueling and the like, are no longer considered socially acceptable means by which to prove one's affection, but have thankfully been replaced by the far less gory but no less impressive battles of the intellect, commonly known as quizzing. Which perhaps explains why we had such an amazing set of teams quizzing tonight in one of the most cosy and romantic spots in Clapham. Ladies and Gents, it seems The Bobbin is the place to be with your loved one on Valentine's Day!

Five amazing teams demonstrating amazing general knowledge fought it out to win tonight's grand prize of £33.00, and after a very close race, it was with some amusement that I was able to announce the ironically named "Undateables" as the St. Valentine's Day winners with an extraordinary 42 points! Fate was clearly on their sight this evening. They were closely followed by last week's winners "Drawing of a Co*k" with 41 points, and the hilariously named "Halal, Is It Meat You're Looking For" with 37.5 points. But special mention must go to "Pen's Pals", who while oblivious to a certain popular cartoon character, and an internet marketing website, were able to recognise instantly the flag of Iraq, the capital of Belarus, and knew immediately that Pius XII was Pope in WWII, that the black mamba is the world's fastest snake, and that Mohammed Ali, AKA Cassius Clay was stripped of his Olympic Gold Medal after refusing to fight in a war. An amazing team, and definitely one to watch...

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