The Bobbin Wed, May 03 2017 20:00

Over £100 of prizes dished out in 3 way tiebreak!

Tom K

Following a win on Play Your Cards Right, the total prize money for the night crept up to £120 but there were 3 teams fighting it out for first place, all tied on 41 points.

The tiebreak question was a tough one: What is the square mileage of the USA? After some confusion with zeros the 3 teams finally submitted their answers:

Quizlings said 28 million.
Going Loco in Acapulco said 23 million.
If only all the questions were about flags said 2 million.

What would your guess be?! (Answer below). In the end, 'If only all the questions were about flags' got the closest and took home the money!

Join us next week for more big prizes. Booking recommended!

  • The answer is 3.8 million square miles.
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If only all the questions were about flags
Going loco in acapulco
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