The Bobbin Wed, Aug 08 2018 20:00

Size Isn't Everything

Jo S

8 enthusiastic teams took to the tables this evening at The Bobbin in Clapham Old Town, to battle it out for the top prize - 75% of the kitty, (this week a grand total of £78.00, making first prize a handsome £58.50, and a second prize of the remaining 25% - £19.50). And my how the neurons flew! Our teams demonstrated a wide range of knowledge answering questions on everything from Russian geography to physics, history and popular culture.

Teams varied in size from 1 man and his dog, to 6+, and while tonight's winning team, "Ragu Ragu", who scored an amazing 39.5 points, were indeed a 6-person band, hot on their heels speeding into second place were "Let's Get Quizzical", a team comprising of only two players, who finished just 1.5 points behind them, scoring a mightily impressive 38. Clearly, two heads are better than one, but two is sometimes all you need if the two in question are as knowledgeable as tonight's quizzing couple.

Do join us again next week for another chance to win a cash prize, free drinks, and most importantly of all, the title of quiz champions of The Bobbin.

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