The Bobbin Wed, Jun 27 2018 20:00

Spirit of the world cup runneth over

Jo S

With the World Cup in full swing, it seems that competition is in the air, and tonight's quizzes in The Bobbin in Clapham Old Town were in high sporting spirits as they battled it out beneath Brazil - Serbia game. With the first prize of £75.00 and the 2nd prize of £25.00, it is perhaps no wonder that at the end of the second round, three teams had drawn even with 41 points apiece. In the end, with a perfect estimation of the length of the inauguration speech of the current US President, team "Gastro Ono Band" took it, beating "Off the Leash" and "Our Big Willie's Here". Once again, we needed a tie-break to settle who would take the second prize, and "Our Big Willie's Here" were the lucky ones this week. But overall, there was an amazing display of general knowledge this week, particularly from some of our younger, pre-teen players. Watch out for adults, cos these kids know their popular culture, their football, and all the logos and emojis on the picture sheets.

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