The Bobbin Wed, Dec 05 2018 20:00

This Is The Real Quiz!

Tom K

It was a comprehensive victory for "This Is The Real Quiz" at a busy Bobbin... after storming the 1st half, they continued their near perfect form into the last 20 questions, racking up a 5 point lead by the final whistle, and sweeping £75 in cash.
"Up The Villa" secured 2nd place, beating "Drawing of a C*ck" by 1 point, who were forced to field a depleted team due to injuries and international call-ups. (Captain Cock gave a brief interview afterwards saying he was happy with their performance, but you sensed a seething anger at having had to give up their winning streak.)
The BIG NEWS though is that the Play Your Cards Right pot has rolled over again, with a minimum of £181 up for grabs... and it's likely to climb well over £200.
The Bobbin. 8pm. Next Wednesday. See you there.

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