The Bobbin Wed, Oct 10 2018 20:00

A Victory 5 Years In The Making!

Tom K

It was a momentous evening at The Bobbin as after 5 years of almost's and missed opportunities, "Pens Pals" finally brought it all together and swept away the grand prize.

It wasn’t without drama though.... After a faultless first half, a 5 point swing in the second half saw rivals "Drawing of a C**k" make up the ground and force them into a tiebreak. But they were confident and unerring, seeing them off in style to claim the big money.

Elsewhere, Play Your Cards Right delivered a £57 jackpot taking the total cash prizes for the night up to £175.

It’s big money at The Bobbin this Autumn! Swing by on Wednesdays at 8pm to get involved!!

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