Bohemia Tue, Oct 23 2018 20:00

Better Than Average, "Fourth Or Nothing"

Graeme W

On an evening of some of the best scoring across all teams seen yet at The Bohemia, it turned out to be a close run thing at both ends of the table.
On a night when the lowest score was 29, the battle for a bottle of wine for coming second last was decided by a quick fire tie-breaker between two teams on a highly respectable 34 points: usually a score that will put you near the top of the table, such was tonight’s standard. That consolation prize in the end was won by "The Biscuit Wednesdays", who were just slightly quicker on the draw than "Dylan’s Dummies".
Who takes home the £50 bar voucher and the honour of being a quiz winner at The Bohemia was also determined by a tiebreaker between "Comfortably Average" and "Fourth Or Nothing" who were deadlocked on 42. At this point, both teams had far surpassed the humble expectations of their names, but in the end "Fourth Or Nothing" were a little bit closer to the numerical truth of the tiebreak question, and they took home the £50 golden ticket!

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