Bohemia Tue, Jan 23 2018 20:00

Queems Of The Quiz Quop

Graeme W

Tonight's quiz was as much about artistic skills as it was trivia retention, as 'Quizby Queems' took their 4th quiz title at The Bohemia.

In a slight change to the usual proceedings, as well as the usual 40 questions, through the course of the evening teams were asked to create and finally submit a portrait of the quizmaster: the best one would get 3 bonus points. Yes. They were warned it could be decisive, and it was.

And so it was that 'Quizby Queems' possessed the best combination of knowledge and detailed portraiture (and the highest number of Scottish clichés...aye, there were bagpipes, a kilt...and a couple of details that were a bit "NSFW"...), their "artistry" took them over the line to win the £50 bar tab first prize. Back in 2nd last on 20 points, 'El & Al' thoroughly deserved their bottle of wine consolation prize.

Not too bad for a dry January evening.

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