Bohemia Tue, Jul 04 2017 20:00

Quizbies Are Queems Of The Quop in Quacking Quiz

Graeme W

Finally!!! Months and months after their first victory, and after a large clutch of second place finishes, lovely regulars Quizby Queems have won the quiz at The Bohemia: it took a tie-breaker to do it, but they've finally done it.

After 40 questions, with QQ on 33 points alongside fellow beloved regulars Odd & Sodd, it came down to a decider question. Both teams really overestimated how many heads it was humanly possible to shave in one hour, but in the end, QQ were closer to the correct answer, so took home a much coveted win and the Golden Ticket, a £50 bar voucher.

An honourable mention should go to The Leftovers (or a reduced version of regulars Katatonia) who were only the third team to score in the thirties (with 30) on a very low scoring evening.

Another mention should go to the "winners" of the bottle of wine for 2nd last place tonight, Two Hopes. Well done. Ish.

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