Bohemia Tue, Jun 06 2017 20:00

Sodding FINALLY!!!

Graeme W

For a team to remain loyal to your quiz and come regularly, every week without fail, is the most heartening thing for a quizmaster: we love our regulars. What's even more heartening is a team who comes every week without winning and then FINALLY taking first place. This evening, Odds & Sodds did just that! But only after a tense tie-breaker...

O&S and N3 Massive were tied for 1st on 35 points after 40 questions. It was close, but the Odds were in the Sodds favour, as their knowledge of record-breaking miniature horses gave them their triumph and a £50 bar tab. Well played, N3 Massive, you're time will come again. This, however, was a great Sodding night.

Not far back in 3rd on 34 were Quizby Queems, and only a point back from them were Kata (or half of regulars Katatonia) on 33. In other excellent news, first-time Bohemia quizzers The Mighty Quest For Zuul took home a bottle of wine for the dubious honour of coming second from bottom...well, someone has to.

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