Bohemia Tue, Nov 21 2017 20:00

They've Sodding Well Done It Again

Graeme W

Can anyone beat the 'Odds'? They've been having a stunning past few weeks at The Bohemia quiz, and tonight they did it again in a very tight contest.

Further down the table, the logistically "difficult" task of coming second last was completed in some style by 'Past & Curious', who took home a bottle of red wine, edging ahead of last placed 'The Buff Medways' by a single point on 26 to the latter's 25.

At the top of the table, things were even tighter, as two stalwarts of North Finchley's best quiz 'The Sockrobbers' and 'Odds & Sodds' were tied on a magnificent 40 points (only beating 3rd placed Straight Outta Craggy by one).

In the end, it was the tie-break that won it, and the 'Odds' better grasp of the human geography of Chile won them the £50 golden bar ticket and another quiz title.

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