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Are the Martinistats the smartest men in Chiswick

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If you live in or around Chiswick Park you've almost certainly heard of the lovely pub on the corner off the station called the Bollo House. Gorgeous burgers and gorgeous stouts? Yeah that one. If you know about it you may also know that there's a pub quiz held there every Tuesday night with a chance of winning a £50 bar tab. Maybe you've taken part? Heck, maybe you've even won it?!
Well whatever the answer is to my series of questions you should know that there is a group of six men who have now won the quiz for a third night in a row. THIRD. That's a total of £150 between them on gorgeous food and drink in arguably the best pub in Chiswick and all because nobody seems to be able to come close to their combined apparent genius.

But surely they can be beaten? With questions ranging from the amount of twitter followers Justin Bieber has to naming the amount of states in Mexico, are they really the only people in Chiswick with the knowledge to answer all of these? Surely not...... surely you good citizen of Chiswick has a couple of friends who can knock these dudes off the top and claim the coveted spot of smartest dons of Chiswick?!

I urge you. Gather up the courage to take on these men and beat them. David couldn't defeat Goliath with ease.... but if he didn't try he'd be a nobody! Don't go down as a nobody... come to the Bollo House and beat these guys!!

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