Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Jul 04 2017 20:00

Creativity Wins the Day (And the Quiz!)

Jonny G

Six teams competed for a chance to play the deadly envelope roulette. Soon, a fierce rivalry broke out between the ruthlessly efficient Quizdependence Day and the aggressively named How-Many-Balls-Could-a-Ball-Boy-Chuck-If-a-Ball-Boy-Could-Chuck-Balls. With both teams clashing like the wheels in Ben Hur, neither noticed the steady climb of Suburban Richard, a three-man team with 16 points.

At the end of the second round, Quizdependence Day’s entry into the creative challenge gave them the one point they needed to win outright. Our hardworking and unbiased bar-staff selected the best team name, granting Tip The Bar Staff an extra point.

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