Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Jan 16 2018 20:00

Green Quizzing is my desire..

Chris R

A good turnout at the Botanist this week, with 35 people in 7 teams going head-to-head for the mounting jackpot, now standing at £276.00! Back for another bite were 'Keep Calm and Carrillion', 'FA Kews Strike' again and 'A bunch of Knuts', while newcomers 'The Honey Bees', 'Quiz on my face' and 'Seven Deadly Sins' were also in attendance. Previous jackpot winners 'A Very Cocky Name' were back to have a go at the prize and came within a whisker of the winning envelopes after losing out in a tie-breaker with the 'FA Kews'. They were happy with the wine in second place, while the winners chose their envelope with trepidation and were rewarded..... with two bottles of wine!! Happy to win but not happy to miss out on the jackpot, they at least had the option of drowning their sorrows! Extra point for the best team name went to ... 'Quiz on my face'!
Good night all round, with free bonus question drinks going to 'A bunch of Knuts' and 'A very cocky name'. Next week's jackpot is now....'drum roll please'..... £346!! Hope to see you all there!

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