Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Feb 20 2018 20:00

Happy New Year! (of the Dog) - Next Week's Jackpot Will Be £586.00!

Chris R

As the pot increases, so the competition thickens as the Jackpot broke the half-grand to hit £538.00, seven teams lined up for the challenge. Another creative round, this time for some origami, offered an extra point, that proved decisive in deciding second place for 'A Bird Shat On Me Today..' who pipped 'Dude, Where's My KFC?' to by half a point and were happy with a nice bottle of wine. There creation, a perfect cube, though simple, was the epitome of classic origami in honour of Chinese New Year (Yes, I know it's actually Japanese, but Calligraphy was too complex!).
Tonight's winners were 'The Lobotomists' who, despite having 7 players, still won by a point and a half, with 'A Bird Shat On My Today' getting the points for best name and creative offering. But the winners didn't clear up and missed out on the Jackpot, only securing the two bottles of nice wine instead, so next week's jackpot will be £586.00!

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