Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Feb 13 2018 20:00

It's A Love Quiz - next week jackpot on £538!!

Chris R

A distinctly romantic feel to the quiz tonight with 7 teams in the mix and a heady jackpot of £480.00 up for grabs!!
A smattering of Valentine themed questions kept everybody in the mood for the creative round special - compose an ode or love poem and recite it to the pub.
With half term in place, we were down a team of teachers, but other regulars included 'Fu*k Love, Eat Pancakes', 'The Pan-Quizzicals' and 'My PMs Hotter Than Yours' with some newbies in the shape of the 'Oxfam Earthquake Relief Team' and some walk-ins the 'Buckfast Babes!'.
A special shout should go to the 'Quizanthenums' who came a close third place after stealing the point for best poem. The genius knows no limits.
The quiz itself proved a close run thing, with only 3 points separating the top four teams, but 'My Pms...etc' took first prize, missing out on the pot and taking the Prosecco, while the 'Pan QUizzicals' were happy for the wine/bar tab for second place.
Next week's jackpot is £538.00!!! So hope to see you all there!

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My PM. Is Hotter Than Yours!
The Pan Quizicals
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The Oxfam Earthquake Relief Squad
Fu*k, Love, Eat Pancakes!
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