Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Apr 03 2018 20:00

'Kick His A*s, SeaBass'!!! Takes The Crown!

Wade C

On a beautiful, mild evening in Kew Green (Spring is here folks!) 8 teams filled their seats in The Botanist, pens at the ready to go toe to toe for a chance to win the Jackpot. After a seemingly straightforward first round, it looked as though two teams were separating from the pack to battle for the wind. However, the second round saw a string of tough questions that through the event for a loop. Top scores were at the bottom, and vice versa. As the dust settled, two teams from the middle of the pack found themselves at the top of the heap. Unfortunately for the team “Quiz Team-Aguilera,” the difference was made by the unpredictable bonus point awarded for the best team name, with “Kick His A*s, SeaBass!!!” Emerging victorious. Not bad for a team quoting Dumb and Dumber for their team name.

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