Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Jul 11 2017 20:00

Musicians Hate them. The Botanist's 3 secret tricks for Quiz Fun.

Jonny G

The rain beat down outside The Botanist, as it heaved with attendees of a nearby Passenger gig. Don’t they know that music is dead and the Pub Quiz is the last remaining meaningful art form? Those that did formed five teams to compete for tonight’s jackpot.

The reigning champions, I’m Quizzing in the Rain, were a strong contender, ending the second round with 32 points. Spiders! Or! Dinosaurs!, a smaller but hardier team sat on 33. But wait! What about the Best Team Name? That point went to I’m Quizzing in the Rain. Tonight's nerve-wracking tiebreaker...

was entirely unnecessary, and therefore didn't happen. SpidoDino won the creative challenge with their 3D representation of the isolation of international air travel, neutralizing Quizzing in the Rain’s team name points boost.

With this they won the quiz and the jackpot. There’ll be no hungry children in their homes tonight.

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