Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Sep 04 2018 20:00

Prue's Soggy Bottom Wins From Behind!

Peter N

It was an unusual but fun night down at the Botanist. Although we only had 4 teams, there were 19 players who quizzed, rock-paper-scissored and drew their way to glory. With questions on ducks, gulfs, catfish and bowling, there was something for everyone!

At the break, "Prue's Soggy Bottom" trailed by 2 points but they stormed back with a stellar second half. However big shout out to "The Cummy Kiosk" who scored 6 in the first half but a massive 20 in the second!

Jackpot rolls over to next week when £100 will be offer. Thanks for having me guys. I had a great time (and walked 10,000 steps whilst reading the questions, according to my phone!) I will sleep happy tonight :)

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