Botanist on Kew Green Tue, Apr 24 2018 20:00

Summer is over?

Wade C

On a balmy April evening in The Botanist, as the sun set behind the clouds, 5 teams gathered to compete for a chance to win the ever-growing jackpot. Mostly familiar faces, with some newcomer teammates, battled it out going question to question with the opposing teams. After some interesting interpretations of cilantro, renditions of the thong song and fighting to translate our cryptics into those dastardly tube stations, one team emerged on top. The victory was a small margin, as the runner-ups, "Up your Bum" came within one final point of the leader after winning best team name, but it wasn't enough to challenge "Summer 2018 was great! All 2 days of it." This team featured a regular who in recent weeks played solo, and it looks like having a strong team put them over the top. As a send-off for this Quizmaster, it was satisfying to see them take home the Jackpot!

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Top Teams
Summer 2018 was great! All 2 days of it
Up your Bum
Autoerotic quiz-phyxation
My drinking buddies have a trivia problem
I moustachio a question!