BrewDog, Milton Keynes Tue, Jul 31 2018 19:00

Brewdog's Inaugural Quiz!

David J

The 31st July 2018 marked a truly momentous occasion, as it marked the first ever pub quiz from Milton Keynes' exciting new venue: The Brewdog! Many players took part and all had a fantastic time, playing for a wealth of fantastic prizes. There were a good range of questions spanning all different genres, and in many cases offering a few bonus points, but everyone gave it their all and came out with some impressive scores.

Many congratulations go to our winners: the charmingly named Team "Up 'N' Bang Me" for their impressive performance, and to "Sporting Newportio" whose still very impressive score of 25 earned them both a can of Punk IPA. This venue, excitingly, also hosts a Jackpot game and nobody won this week, so next week: expect a Jackpot of at least £74!

The quiz is on every Tuesday! Arrive at 6:30 pm and we'll start at 7:00 pm! Be sure to assemble your teams of 6 and I'll see you then!

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