Brewhouse & Kitchen, Highbury Mon, Feb 08 2016 19:00

Highbury and Quizlington win first Brewhouse Quiz

Kieran W

The brand new Brewhouse and Kitchen is a sight to behold. With its tabletop log fires and bright and trendy decor simply entering the place makes you forget that the back end of Storm Imogen is raging outside.
3 teams entered the first Question One quiz to be held at the new venue. 2 of the teams worked in the same building so instantly the competition was fierce.
All teams were going great guns for the first 10 questions, so we quickly were onto the first free drink of the night. Which, despite being an individual round, had a lot of conferring. Unfortunately I could not accept an Answer of "Mrs White" to the question "what was Walter White's wife called?" But fortunately someone had the correct answer so we moved on with the lucky winner receiving a delicious pint from the pub's micro brewery.
The next 10 questions flew by with only the stills from the music videos causing any seemingly major concern. By half time we had a clear leader - The Highbury and Quizlington team were in front by 4 points. Whilst the two fierce competitors ( Quizzy from going round in circles and 1 blond and 4 brunettes) were only separate by the smallest of margins. Which by the way is one point as I don't give half points out at my quiz!!!!
During the half time team talk there were a couple of casualties of war but we were soon underway with what proved to be the most difficult and frustrating question of the evening. The anagram! It did everyone's head in for pretty much the remainder of the quiz and then some.
The second half took a little more getting than the first. It saw the Quizzy team reduced from 5 to 3 players but they were seemingly rejuvenated by the delivery from the kitchen of a whole chicken with sides!

So we got to the end, with the building rivalry turning into revelry, but eventually there had to be a winner... And there was! Highbury and Quizlington Underground Station romped home with a mighty impressive 38 points, Winning the jackpot. They also promised that if they make it onto the Quiz One and Brewhouse Twitter feeds they will keep coming back to defend their title.
In the battle of the building 1 blonde and 4 brunettes won themselves a bottle of Pinot Grigeo by a mere 2 points from their Quizzy rivals.
It will be tougher for our winners next week as the competition will be much more fierce based on the feed back from those who could not play this week.
This could get Quizzical.

  • Kieran. The Man with the scores on the Geordie Shores.
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Top Teams
Highbury and Quizlington Underground Station
1 blonde and 3 brunettes
Quizzy from going round in circles