Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes Wed, Jun 20 2018 19:30

Beer, Footie, Quizzing and More Beer

David J

This week at Brewhouse & Kitchen MK brought us quite an exciting quiz, with just a few tricky questions thrown in for good measure! That said, many players this week had been drawn in by the allure of the World Cup match between Iran and Spain. But the true my question is, why not have both? Nothing seems more perfect to me than having a bit of everything! The quiz, the footie and, depending on how well you perform in the quiz, lots and lots of beer!

Congratulations to 'Save the Kids, Smoke Trees' for their very close victory, as well as to the newly assembled 'We Need Smore Time' for coming in at a close second. Here's hoping to see you all in the coming weeks: every Wednesday at 7:30pm. Perhaps we'll even get to quiz while England plays in the finals? A man can dream!

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