Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes Wed, Sep 26 2018 19:30

Body Parts

David J

This week's quiz at The Brewhouse & Kitchen MK was a fun one: with seven teams entering the fray and playing to win! Of all the teams, the winner by just one point, was "A Bit Hazey", which left the "Quizzy Rascals" with a close second yet again (you've gotten so very close before, I believe in you!)

The most fun question of all of them regarded three letter body parts: leg, eye, hip jaw... parts like that. There were a lot of debates as to whether or not the more profane body parts could be accepted, but I'm a fair Quiz Master so just this once, I let players off with ruder answers... Use your imagination if you're not sure what I'm referring to!

Anyways, well played everybody, and here's hoping to see you all again next week!

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