Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes Wed, Aug 22 2018 19:30

Conquering the Slope!

David J

This week at the Brewhouse & Kitchen MK brought us an incredibly fun quiz: going from a relatively quiet afternoon to a bustling, exciting evening! Many teams played this week, but special congratulations are in order for (and I can't verbalise this team name without getting a little bit sad) A Wreath for Franklyn, who worked together to take away a respectable score of 34 points!

Questions this week started quite easy but got progressively more difficult, and yet everyone still gave it their all and came out with some great scores which is hugely impressive. Such teams include: Otterly Fabulous and both Kev & Joe's Teams, all of whom came out with a score above 30!

Here's hoping to see you all again next week for another go! Every Wednesday at 7:30pm!

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A Wreath For Franklyn
Otterly Fabulous
Joe's Team
Team Kev
Team Clueless
The Fitzy Family
The Two Amigos
Network Fail
Double Trouble