Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes Wed, Aug 08 2018 19:30

Doubles & Squads

David J

This week at The Brewhouse & Kitchen MK brought us some incredibly impressive quiz scores! Whether it was a pair of players aiming for a growler of beer or a full squad of six going all-in to win that coveted bar tab, the scores were phenomenal. The most impressive performance came from "Egg Yolk", who had a near-perfect score and walked away with a well-deserved bar tab, but that begs the question: is there a team out there who can ace the whole quiz.

I very much think so, all it takes is a team of six with a diverse knowledge base and a wealth of combined life experiences? Can you assemble a team like that? If so, I'll be seeing you all next Wednesday from 7 pm! Good luck!

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