Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes Wed, Oct 03 2018 19:30

Quizzing With Pals!

David J

This week at The Brewhouse & Kitchen MK brought us not only our regular teams but also introduced a few new teams! It seems that news of the quiz is spreading across MK and nothing helps that more than recommending the quiz to friends and co-workers! The competition could've gone anywhere this week, but that said, the winning team was "You're Kavanaugh Laugh" (oof, topical) with an impressive 34 points! As for the 1L Growler, that went to "Jamaican Me Think" with a final score of 25 which was marked an improvement from their score last week!

Here's hoping to see you all next week! Don't be afraid to call up your friends and invite them along: the more the merrier!

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Top Teams
You're Kavanaugh Laugh
Titanic Swim Team
Team Clueless
Grace's Anatomy
Jamaican Me Think
9 Inch Males