Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes Wed, Aug 15 2018 19:30

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

David J

This week at The Brewhouse & Kitchen MK introduced a bunch of new players and well as the comeback of some veteran teams. Such teams included "Dairy Queens", "Non-Dairy Queens" (love that synergy) and "Dungeons & Derby": all of whom came representing Milton Keynes' Roller Derby and did a fine job of it!

That said, our winners this week happened to be "It'll Come Naturally", who managed to beat "A Bridge Not Far Enough" by just a single point. A close score which seems like it will lead to an ongoing rivalry. Want to be a part of all this? All you have to do is turn up next Wednesday before 7:30 pm! See you then!

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It'll Come Naturally
A Bridge Not Far Enough
Non-Dairy Queens
Dairy Queens
Dungeons & Derby
Team Clueless