Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes Wed, Sep 05 2018 19:30

The Combos Continue

David J

This week at The Brewhouse & Kitchen MK proved to be a very fun event: the quiz was a joy for both old and new players alike, regular teams have grown in size to boost everyone's potential scores and most excitingly of all: the highly regarded combo questions are back!

The answers to questions 26 to 29 all have a common theme, and question 30 tasks you with finding the said theme. This seems tricky at first, but it can actually be very helpful at helping you figure out questions that you missed and really encourages players to think outside the box. The team that pulled this off the most effective was 'The Brex-Idiots', who finished with an impressive 35 points! Special mentions this week go to 'Yer a Quizzard Harry' who played brilliantly and came in second, and to 'Antozzi and Decesh' whose winning of a consolation growler earned a huge celebration!

Here's hoping to see you all play again next Wednesday at 7:30!

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