British Queen Wed, Sep 12 2018 20:00

Evenly-Matched Dog's and Enzos Take The Prize(s)

Malcolm H

Five teams slugged it out in the convivial atmosphere of The British Queen tonight. Respectable scores from all, Matron had a great Birthday, and how on earth did someone guess that O.T. music track??!!! But the standouts were The Dog's Danglies and Enzo & Friends. This pub runs the two rounds as separate quizzes, and both teams tied tonight in each quiz. Closest-to Tie Breaks sorted things out, with The Dog's taking Quiz 1, and Enzos triumphing in Quiz 2. A fair and well-deserved result, and a suitably sportsmanlike reaction from this remarkably good-natured crowd.

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The Dog's Danglies
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Oooh, Matron!!
You're a Quizard, Harry