British Queen Wed, Oct 26 2016 20:00

Winning Duo

Eddie E

Just Passing are two people! For all I know, it could even be only one of them that has all the answers. They've got a 100% win rate at the British Queen so far. This week it was a score of 39, which means they know obscure things in the fields of law, geography, history, film, fashion, perfumery, music, sport, confectionary, language, photography...I could go on. I mean, how many things do you know? I know two: I can spell the word "inertia", and I remember that an ox-bow lake is a lake that is formed from a bend in a river after the river changes course. That is pretty much it. And yet somehow I'm wearing clothes and I found food today. What a miracle is life. See you next week!

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