Brouge, Esher Tue, Jun 19 2018 20:00

Colombia 1 - Brouge 1

Mark T

Trying to get anyone to a quiz during the world cup is pretty tricky. Add to that Tennis at Queens with Andy Murray making a comeback after a year off due to injury… and I was feeling a little trepidation to see if anyone would be trying their luck for the £50 food and drink voucher (much easier to win when fewer teams btw), but I need not have worried. The regulars were there to keep everyone me on my toes.
And did I ask football questions? Did I eck! I’m more of a film buff quizmaster if I’m honest, squeezing in the occasional James Bond or Matrix question (take the blue pill Neo, honestly, it’s easier) to add some Hollywood sparkle to the evening’s entertainment.
So well done to Team COLOMBIA 1 JAPAN 2 For a stonking win, and no red cards or VAR moments necessary. Enjoy the summer weather and come on ENGLAND on Sunday. Two wins would be fantastic!

All the best,


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