Brouge Tue, Nov 06 2018 20:00

"Piston Broke" on a Tie Break

Alex B

The time was 10 pm (or thereabouts) "Piston Broke" and "Pay Monkeys, Get Peanuts" have both topped the table with a score of 32. We were headed for a tie-break. They say that it's the sweetest way to win a quiz (and the cruellest way to come second). Unfortunately for "Pay Monkeys", it was "Piston Broke" who snatched victory! and the £50 bar tab.
"The Pappps" are the team sipping the penultimate placed bottle of wine this week! No tie-break needed there.
A night of high drama. Even Dwayne Johnson turned up! Well, he was the answer to the anagram.

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