Builders Arms Tue, Apr 04 2017 20:00

Prizes all round

Daniel C

A great night of quizzing tonight with team Fab 5 making their return by winning our second to last bottle of last prize, with team Transatlantic pan pacific tour taking our top prize of a £50 bar tab. We finally had a winner on tonight's roll over jack pot with team Team titans answering our closest too question and then picking the joker from the pack. But everyone was a winner tonight with team Our couch pulls put but we don't winning themselves a bottle of Sasson cider by coming up with the most creative team name and Quizlamic state also earning a bottle by getting the anagram question first. Roll on next week for more fun

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Top Teams
Transatlantic pan pacific tour
Quizlamic state
Our couch pulls put but we don't
Fab 5
Team titans