Bull and Last Sun, Apr 29 2018 19:30

Poker, stout and suspiciously cute dogs

Lena Margareta E

Eleven strong teams braved the chilly winds around Hampstead Heath to seek gold and glory at The Bull and Last. One of which brought a secret weapon in the shape of Doodle the Dog, distractingly cute and perpetually thirsty. The quiz itself caused lengthy and very philosophical disputes amongst the avid poker players, but the card game enthusiast and sore loser quiz master stood firm, and no alternative number of cards were accepted. It was a hard-fought battle in more than one ways, and victory was not won easily, as My interesting lady friend managed to snatch it by just one point over the two pack of bloodhound teams on their heels: What is smiles? and 'Doodle', both deserving winners of a bottle of wine each.
In honour of a brand new nephew, snack winners named their team A Bundy of joy and happily left the pub with their second to last price bag of goodies. A good-humoured but frankly worthless team of Swedes only managed to scrape together three points between them, but hey, at least they knew what a stout was!

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