Bull and Last Sun, May 06 2018 19:30

Sunstroked Sunday in Hampsted Heath

Lena Margareta E

What a way to end a sunny bank holiday Sunday! Everyone was in an excellent mood and pumped and ready for a good old pub quiz at The Bull and Last. It I possible that the quiz master had had just a tad too much sun, but luckily the avid quiz veterans kept her in check. The Hampstead Heath locals sure know their superheroes!
The evening ended with a tie between last weeks winners 'My Interesting Lady Friend' and superhero scholars 'Also Known as Charles X Savior', and the latter impressed everyone by guessing the time it took Titanic to sink only three minutes from the correct answer!
A bit of bitterness could be sensed from the former champions who came in second, and of course, it didn't help that the confused quiz master tried to give their wine to The Pocket Rockets... Wear a hat in the sun, people, and stay hydrated until next Sunday!

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