Bull, Islington Wed, Dec 12 2018 20:00

Generation Gamers Play A Good Game, Good Game.

Marc F

A team of two generations (I'm assuming as I didn't ask but a young couple and one set of their parents) surged forth to take a convincing win on a busy night at The Bull. They played a convincing game and were able to successfully navigate through a tough set of questions and win a big pot of £82. When asked how they'd spend the money, they came back with another correct answer... 'Drink it!'
Not even a big Christmas party upstairs could amass the collective knowledge to snatch victory from a very confident winning team. Scores were close with some devilishly good teams in the house but alas, it wasn't to be.
Bonus drinks were won with knowledge of Home Alone 2 and the musical Oliver. The bottle of wine aptly won by a couple who fought off a tough challenge by another couple who got tangled up in the treacherous realm of cryptic tube stations.
It's the last quiz before Christmas next week and your usual host will be back with two more bonus drinks and what looks set to be another giant pot. You'd better be there, next Wednesday at 8.

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