Bull, Islington Wed, Mar 21 2018 20:00

What A Load Of Bull-Quizz!!

Celia L

First I have to say what a lively atmosphere it is at The Bull on Quiz Night. I mean, I don’t know what I expected on a Wednesday evening in Islington, but I certainly didn’t except such infectious enthusiasm in the room! As a covering Quiz Master it’s so encouraging when people are so welcoming and willing to get stuck in - so thank you to the participants and the staff at The Bull for making me so welcome this evening. I’m hoping I get the opportunity again! Wednesday Night is where it’s AT on Upper Street!!

And what a Quiz it was this evening. Sky high scores and bonus points everywhere that all make the difference. Les Quizerables have got a winning streak now, securing first place for a second week in a row with an epic score of 51.

We had a tiebreaker situation between 'The Wise-Os' and 'Winneroos' for the second-to-last place wine - with the 'Winneroos' getting the answer dead on!

A special commendation has to be made to 'Team Gunts' who actually at the end of round one was in 9th place, who managed to climb their way up the ladder and finish in 3rd place!! I’ve never seen such scoreboard mobility and I think that in itself deserves a mention, a round of applause and I wish a bottle of wine too! Very impressive playing indeed but not quite enough to trump top spot.

A fantastic evening and here’s hoping I get to see The lovely people at The Bull in the future. Maybe someone will be able to knock 'Les Quizerables' off their top spot?!?!

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