Bull, Highgate Mon, Apr 03 2017 19:30

Pact With Knowledge...

Graeme W

I feel I can say, without hyperbole, that the pub quiz at The Bull, Highgate, N6, is the greatest weekly event in the known universe... well, alright, that was hyperbole, but it's certainly one of the best quizzes in North London, and tonight was no exception.

In tonight's Cold War of the quiz world, the North Atlantic Trivia Organisation won the peace and the "qualms race" (that's the closest pun I could get, I'm sorry...). On a high-scoring evening generally, they racked up an impressive 41 points to take the £50 bar tab, and being first-time winners at The Bull, that makes it all the more impressive.

Taking home the bottle of wine for 2nd place, In Third Place self-evidently underestimated themselves, and their 39 point score would've nabbed the title on any other night.

Worth noting, the lowest score tonight was 29 points, so a very high standard has been set. I'd expect nothing less from this lovely, well-heeled bunch of Highgaters.

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