Bull, Highgate Mon, Mar 06 2017 19:30

Someone Takes "La Couronne" From Them!

Graeme W

Come on, N6, we need your brains...and there are plenty of you out there. This evening was another fantastic win for Les Quizerables, who were way out in front tonight on 39 points. There was a tie for 2nd place on 31 between 5 Non Trumps and Smarter Than The Average Bear, and the latter won through, with their knowledge of Hadrian's Wall (which made this Scotsman worried...), which won them a bottle of wine. The quiz at The Bull is lovely and relaxed, and the title is very much there for the taking, so I strongly advise you to come down one Monday night, and bring your considerable brains and booze-trousers. Next week's winners could be you...yes, you!

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