Calf Mon, Oct 23 2017 20:00

Absolute precision for ‘Coalition of Chaos’

Charles C

During a quiz in which: Oscar the Grouch, Leonard Cohen and Kim Jong-Un make an appearance (in questions, not in person – obvs), the teams did well to rack up good scores. ‘Chilli Puffs’ were joint leaders at the half-way stage, with an impressive knowledge of states which border the Pacific and in knowing that elephants are the only mammals that can kneel on all-fours. Meanwhile, ‘The Odd Couples’ had a belting second half, making light work of the questions on Nike and Velcro.

However, it was ‘Coalition of Chaos’ who finished with clinical deftness. With clean sweeps in the three-parter questions on: song lyrics, mouths in films and tube stations. The Odd Couples won through to the jackpot round but fell victim to the cruelty of the higher-or-lower cards and the jackpot went un-won. A well quizzed quiz.

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