Calf Mon, May 08 2017 20:00

Backing themselves from the start, ‘The Winners’ were the winners

Charles C

It takes a special sort of gumption (or irony?!) to call one’s pub quiz team, The Winners. That is, of course, unless you go on to win the quiz. Last night’s winners were one such team. Neck and neck with ‘We Lost All Our Friends’ (who returned from last week as a pair rather than a four) at half-time, and only three points between all the teams, it all hung in the balance of the second half.

Questions on Kelis’ milkshake, the Great Barrier Reef and Cluedo provided a veritable knowledge-testing buffet for the teams to get their quizzing teeth stuck into. ‘Chronicles of Clapham’ showed their mettle in knowing about measuring head-size and Jerry Seinfeld but were slightly undone by some film questions (the perfect excuse to spend more time binge-watching box-sets!). Everyone got stuck in, with WLAOF unfortunate not to win the £120 jackpot at the end of it all (they had earned a free drink, though, and some bar snacks so will doubtless return). It means it’s another roll-over. Please will someone – anyone – come and win the jackpot?! It is there for the taking.

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