Calf Mon, Aug 28 2017 20:00

Bank Holiday Prize Bonanza

Charles C

With the sun shining outside, the quizzers inside the Calf were making the most of the Bank Holiday by coming to what turned out to be a cracking quiz. Questions on Britney Spears, Beer and Boston were a good match for the teams. 'Hawaii Is The Wettest State' put in an extraordinary performance (any score in the high 30s deserves a round of applause), with the battle for the bar snacks or a packet of sweeties fought out between 'The Free Folk' and 'The Emojis'. Needless-to-say, everyone got a prize. Hooray

Particularly enjoyable bit of trivia was that, on average, a Big Mac has 178 sesame seeds on it. Marvellous.

There was a jackpot rollover. Come to the quiz next week to get the cash!

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Top Teams
Hawaii Is The Wettest State
The Free Folk
The Emojis