Calf Mon, Aug 07 2017 20:00

‘Blankety-Blank’ far from blank when it came to right answers

Charles C

A testy quiz, which included gorillas, X-Men and Bacardi Rum, was well matched by the teams at The Calf last night. ‘The Love Island Finalists’ were re-united and made light work of the language questions, winning themselves the satsuma I had planned to eat at half-time but gave away because I had forgotten to bring the usual sweeties. ‘Larry the Cat’ got the better of the more international questions, while ‘Crown Duels’ – the first team I have seen to use a fountain pen in a quiz (loved it!) – had an impressively varied knowledge, not just on the films of Steven Seagal. However, ‘Blankety-Blank’ (a name I gave them because they hadn’t written a team-name) managed to gain a two-point lead and got first prize. Top stuff.

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